The Essence of Me... In Photography
The Essence of Me... In Photography
at Somewhere in Brooklyn
It’s been fun! #Panama ✌️ (at Aeropuerto International De Tocumen)
NEW BLOG POST: While growing up I always had my own room and my own space, so imagine the adjustment period I went through when I had to deal with college roommates. Although my dorm life experience wasn’t too bad, I longed for the day when I could have my own space again.
NEW BLOG POST: Regarding the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown..With the lack of news coverage over the weekend, Twitter is important.
NEW BLOG POST: In my early twenties I had a strong desire to start a mentoring relationship. Thinking back, I can’t remember where this desire came from or what impact I thought I could have on a young girl’s life. But I followed through with my feelings and signed up to be a mentor with my city’s local program.
Congrats to my girl Jes Perez!!!! 👏👍🍸😘🎉                          #repost from @itsjesperez          
I’m in the September!!!!!! Issue of @cosmoforlatinas😉💄💋💅👛 #jesperez  #style #fashion #moda #cosmoforlatinas #cosmopolitan #magazine #trend #fallseason #accessories #dominicana #latina #nyc #dreambig #moda  #makeup #elf #zoya #redlips #maybeline #avo
NEW BLOG POST:  I’m somewhat obsessed with singers from across the pond. Maybe it’s their accents or the fact that they are doing the R&B music that I once loved and dearly miss from the 90’s. My latest favorite is Jessie Ware.
NEW BLOG POST: I didn’t always know what my essence/passion was. The desire to figure it out never came until after I graduated from college and started working at an advertising agency. Right from the start I knew the job wasn’t for me, but I took it because I needed the money.